This functionality operates by selectively excluding certain attributes from appearing in results. You can establish predefined exclusions for either attribute types, such as categories, or specific attribute values, like "dress."

With this feature, you have the capability to personally curate your blacklist for specific attributes, all from within the app settings. As part of the set up we recommend reviewing our comprehensive list of attributes.

Here's how to add a blacklist

  1. Click on "Add rule".

  1. Select an attribute type or select an attribute value from the dropdown.

  1. Click on "Save".

How will the results appear (or not appear)?

Once blacklist settings are saved, every subsequent job you create will automatically enforce the blacklist rules.

When a term related to an attribute category is blacklisted, it will display as "No valid results." The following example shows the attribute value "Sportswear" which belong to the Category attribute type. Any products identified by the AI model as "Sportswear" will yield no search results.

On the other hand, if you blacklist attribute values (not related to Category), they will be completely omitted from the results. You'll notice that the attribute value will be absent during the review step.

Colors: Black should have been visible, but it was excluded due to the "Black" attribute value being placed on the blacklist.

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