This section shows the list of all jobs that have been created. Each job will contain the product(s) that were analysed.

Approve a product (single)

Review each job and approve the results before you select where you save the data.

Approve products (bulk)

Approve multiple products at the same time through the multi select feature.

We’d recommend reviewing every product individually first before saving the results straight to Shopify as there is no way to revert the data once it has been saved.

Archive a job

You can simplify your job list by “archiving” a job.

What do the job statuses mean?

  • Created = Job created but not yet processing or started

  • Processing = Downloading the product in Shopify but still in the process of retrieving data from Pixyle/Ximilar or in the process of populating data into Shopify

  • Review = At least one product within the job still needs to be reviewed

  • Complete = Job is completed and all products successfully uploaded to Shopify

  • Complete but with errors = The job is complete but some products were not successfully uploaded

  • Error = All products were not successfully uploaded

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