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This feature streamlines your job review process by automatically pre-selecting checkboxes, ensuring a consistent and efficient experience. In the screenshot below, the first four checkboxes are automatically marked for every scanned job, while the checkbox for the SEO description remains unmarked by default.

The "Search Relevance" checkbox ensures that the AI-generated tags from Reactify Image AI (i.e., ai:attributes) tag will populate against the scanned products.

Automated jobs

Optimise your workflow by incorporating automated product analysis and approval within your system, eliminating the need for manual review. Just check the "Enable" box and designate the default image. However, it's crucial to brief your team on the implications of uploading a product for the first time to your Shopify catalogue. Once a new product is added to Shopify, the application scans the chosen image to generate AI results automatically.


Templates are pre-designed layouts that you can customise to match your brand's terminology and tone of voice. Start by identifying which attributes you want to reference then configure the template with the right wording. This will ensure that the text appears in the format you need it to and attributes auto-populate based on the results unique to each product. You can personalise your image alt text, meta title and description using these flexible templates.

Once each template is configured, save your changes by clicking on the "Save" button. Your results will now appear according to the template format.

Control how your tags appear

Control how your tags appear. You can pre-set the text casing and tag separator for all of your Shopify tags. For example:

{{attribute | downcase}}:{{value | title}} = colors:Blue

  • Text casing:

    • upcase = UPPERCASE

    • downcase = lower case

    • capitalize = Title case

  • Tag separator:

    • : = colors:blue

    • - = colors-blue

    • -- = colors--blue

Alt text

Control the string of text for your image alt text. We recommend to always mention your brand name. For example:

  • Template: Reactify {{ai.material}} {{ai.pattern}} {{ai.colors}} {{ai.category}} {{ai.material}} = cotton {{ai.pattern}} = plain {{ai.colors}} = navy {{ai.category}} = jacket

  • Outcome: Reactify cotton plain navy jacket


Create a template for SEO meta descriptions. We recommend referencing key attributes within the template and incorporating other key benefits that shoppers would like to know such as “Free shipping for orders over $100.”

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