How does the app generate tags, alt text, and meta data?

Reactify AI is powered by Pixyle AI, a visual AI technology that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyse and interpret the visual characteristics of product images to generate accurate data.

How does the app handle product variations?

If a product has multiple variants, you can choose which images to scan, enabling you to select only the relevant images to be processed. The app can generate unique tags and metadata for each variation of the same product (e.g., different colours or sizes).

Can the app optimise products for search engines?

Yes, we help optimise your product listings for multiple search engines. These include fields for product tags, image alt text and meta data. By carefully crafting these fields to include relevant and specific keywords, your product listings will gain more visibility in search engine results pages.

Can I preview and approve the results?

Yes, the app gives you control over your products by allowing you to preview and approve the results before they are applied to your products. This helps to ensure the accuracy and relevance of your product catalogue.

What is the limit on image processing per month?

None, all processing is based on our simple usage based pricing, pay for only what you use and calculate total costs before you start.

How long does take to analyse products?

It takes up to 1 second per product. Once a job is created, a progress bar will appear which helps you keep track of the % status of the job. For 100 images, the analysis should take less than 2 minutes

What type of products can the app scan?

Reactify Image AI only recognises fashion/apparel products at this time. We will eventually expand our app to recognise more categories such as footwear. Join our newsletter to stay up-to-date.

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