1. Select the product(s) you want to analyse using the options in the dropdown

    You can choose to analyse products in based on certain options

    • All products = All products in your Shopify catalogue (applies to all statuses)

    • All draft products = Draft status

    • All active products = Active status

    • All published products = Published to online sales channel (applies to active and draft)

    • Products by type = Product type field

    • Products by vendor = Vendor field

    • Products tagged with = All products with a specific Shopify tag

    • Products not tagged with = All products that do not have a specific Shopify tag

    • Selected products = Selected products from the list

  2. Click Next to decide which image(s) should be analysed

    • First image = Analyse the first image

    • Second image = Analyse the second image

    • Image in position = Analyse based on image position. E.g., If you have 4 product images and want to analyse the 2nd image, enter “2”

    • Image filename = Analyse based on image file name. If all your model images contain “_model”, enter that in the field

  3. Click Next to review the job If a selected product doesn’t have an image, it won’t be counted as part of the job

  4. You'll have to approve the charge by clicking on Approve

  5. Once the job has been approved it will redirect to the job where you can review results

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